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Road stabilization and dust control are two fields plagued with “snake oil salesmen” who all have mysterious magical products that provide the solution to all problems related to road stabilization, soil improvement, soil workability, water-proofing, surfacing and dust control, – for all types of soils, in all types of climates, for all traffic loads, and all road designs!

Those of us who have been in the road construction, road maintenance and dust control industries for any length of time know that there is no such magical snake oil.

Many of us have been conned into buying such products, and invariably have seen them fail and then been told that the reason for this was the way we applied them or the equipment we used!

If the failure was bad enough, or became well known enough in the industry, the snake oil salesman changed the name of his products and moved on to the next sucker!

We are different.  We don’t sell “snake oil”.

We have independent engineer’s reports, case studies and testimonials to validate the performance of all our products over 20 years.

So who is this website aimed at? And what are our target markets?

  • Consulting engineers responsible for the design and specification of road infrastructure projects
  • Environmentally aware engineers and managers in government, mining, property development etc
  • Government and municipal officials responsible for infrastructure development, policy, finance, operations, and maintenance
  • Contractors

Our products have names that explain what they do.

If it suppresses dust – it’s called DustSuppresSOR.  If it stabilizes roads – it’s called RoadStabiliZOR (not GX51 Super Dynamic Bond Ace or similar).

We don’t try to impress or confuse people with fancy sounding code names and numbers for our products.

There is no magic or mystery in our products. Our products are based on sound science, research, development and testing.

Our products are extensively tried, tested and proven by experienced professionals around the world. And we provide professional technical support and advice, to ensure you use the correct product for the project and get the best possible results.

Our products are used in road construction, airport runways, mine haulage roads, highways, rural roads, school playgrounds, to seal dams, to control dust flying off coal and ore railroad trucks, stock piles, and tailings dams.

From major highways to rural dirt roads, cycle tacks and footpaths in botanical gardens to huge mine haulage roads, our products offer cost effective solutions for projects large and small.

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